New tools range

Come try out new tool range

If you need professional power or hand tools to tackle that DIY job you so wish to do or simply to extend your tool box or workshop tool range, then the INGCO open day at DIY Depot, Climax Concrete’s hardware shop is just the place to be.

Next Thursday, November 30th, from 16:00 to 19:00 various demonstrations will be done with INGCO tools. The brand new INGCO tool range is professional tools made affordable to help artisans of every level and ability to reach their potential. The range consists of industrial power tools & accessories, air tools, workshop tools, hand tools, safety products and tool boxes.

Not only will INGCO representatives do demonstrations, but those interested are also welcome to try the tools out. This will be an excellent opportunity to ask the questions about whatever INGCO tool you are interested in.

“It works like that. One will not buy a product if one is not sure it is exactly what you want and that one knows what the tool is capable of doing. Therefore this open day is an open invitation to all to come and check out the INGCO range,” said Teresa Stassen from DIY Depot at 49 Bell Street in the Kruisriver Industrial Area, Uitenhage.

  • Also see advert below. Apart from the demonstrations there will be refreshments and snacks and therefore all planning to attend are requested to RSVP by phoning Teresa at 041 992 5615.

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